International Certification Body

Quality Policy

Quality Policy (Certification Body)

Ethical Certification is committed to provide Transparent, Neutral, Independent, and Competent Management System Certification Services which truthfulness among the Business, Government & Society and Add value to its Client’s Product & Services to the ultimate customer satisfaction.

The Management System of Ethical Certification is Established, Maintain and continually improve in accordance with the requirements of the PNAC Accreditation Board and to meet all Statutory & Regulatory Requirements in its entire process of Services to meet Accreditation Requirement as per 17021:2015.


Ethical Certification will ensure that all possible “conflict of interest” situations arising out of its activities are identified and resolved timely and effectively and shall create & maintain an environment where each employee contributes to all aspects of our business process and shall strive for continual improvement to meet with Customer Satisfaction.


The above policy may be reviewed for any changes, as and when required, by the Top Management. The above quality policy will be prominently displayed on website and brochures.

Quality Policy (Inspection Body)

Top management committed to satisfy client’s requirements and ensure that facilities are complying with required standards and conform fully to requirements of ISO 17020: 2012.

Top management ensures that all employees, inspectors, and engaged technical experts are aware of the requirements of the inspection body, process focus approach, and quality of work using standard procedures and accurately calibrated instruments in a safe environment for the mutual benefit of customers, suppliers, and employees.

Policy communicates at all levels on occupational health and safety, in order to prevent injury, ill-health, and encourage a healthy working environment.