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Pre-Shipment Inspection

Pre Shipment

Pre-Shipment Inspection / PSI, Product Inspection

Ethical Certifications is an accredited inspection body from PNAC Pakistan national accreditation council. Ethical Certifications follows ISO 17020 standard  to perform PSI in Pakistan. With a sound knowledge of the Western markets and Quality requirements, we fully understand our customers’ needs in respect of accuracy and quality. Ethical Certifications is fully independent of any importer, exporter, supplier, or manufacturer. Ethical Certifications Services on pre-shipment inspection. PSI is also known as product inspection, final random inspection, PSI, etc. PSI takes place when the client’s order product is completed, packed and ready to shipped. Then a product inspection will be performed. Ethical Certifications will send an experienced inspection team consisting of engineers, food experts, and others to make the on-site inspections. A product inspection report with photos of what we see at the factory will be emailed to you within 24 hours after the inspection has carried out.

Process & Benefits

We will do below product inspections when performing pre-shipment inspection ( PSI ):

Your benefits of using our pre shipment inspection, product inspection service:

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