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ISO 22000 – FSMS


ISO 22000 – FSMS

ISO 22000 is the food safety management system that can be easily applicable to any organization in the food chain sector.

A Food Safety Management System is primarily intended to ensure food is safe for consumption. It does this through the application of the processes determined by you as necessary for your operations, as well as the processes determined by the standard as necessary for continual improvement.

ISO 22000 helps organizations minimize food risks and improve performance as it relates to food safety. It does so by providing a framework they can use to develop an FSMS, a systematic approach to addressing food safety issues.

A FSMS aims to assure conformity to applicable statutory, regulatory and customer requirements. The 2018 version includes also feed producers and animal food producers within the scope.


Top tips for the successful implementation of a FSMS

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The benefits to ISO 45001

The benefits of implementing ISO 22000 are as follows:

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